【KYOTO MACHIYA AIR2015 成果発表展&アーティスト・トークの開催】

【KYOTO MACHIYA AIR2015 成果発表展&アーティスト・トークの開催】



会期:12月4日(金)~6日(日) 11:00~19:00
展示作家:Iteke&Tjitske Hemkes,Jikke Van Loon
会場:ANEWAL Gallery(京都市上京区実相院町156)

アーティスト・トーク:12月5日(土) 14:00~17:00
14:00 ごあいさつ
14:10~14:50 アーティストトーク
15:00~15:40 アーティストトーク
15:40~16:00 質疑応答
16:00~17:00 フリートーク

日本カルチャーセンター・アムステルダム(‘t Japan Cultureel Centrum)
特定非営利活動法人 ANEWAL Gallery

Now that Kyoto Machiya AIR 2015 that has started in September will almost come to an end, the three participating artists are working hard towards their final exhibitions, that will be held from 4 until 6 December. In ANEWAL Gallery, also one of the residences of this program, meetings with the artists are being held almost daily. Here is being discussed on how all the ideas of these artists could take shape in the final exhibition. Please do not miss this unique opportunity to hear about the thoughts and impressions of these artists who stayed in a Kyoto machiya for three months.
Exhibition period: 4 – 6 December
Opening time: 11.00 – 19.00
artists:Jikke van Loon,Iteke and Tjitske Hemkes
Place:ANEWAL Gallery
On 5 December an artist talk session will be held
Artist talk: 14.00 – 17.00

[Sponsored by] Japanese Cultural Center Amsterdam (‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum)
Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration
Specified Nonprofit Corporation ANEWAL Gallery

[Supported by] Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Osaka/Kobe