Jujumaru is a hidden little gem in a small street east of Ogawa Street off of Imadegawa Street. It’s a café and plant shop in one, which mix together very well.

Although the main focus of Jujumaru is the café, the owners have brought a modern freshness in the old machiya by their love for plants. As one of them is a gardener (or more an garden artist – if such a word exists), the interior is filled with pots and plants of different sizes and colours in a very ‘clean’ way. Some of them earn their rightful place in the alclove, or tokonoma, as pieces of art.

Their exquisit presentation makes you want to spend the full day here. The garden (or tsuboniwa) is even more eye pleasing, the wild plants are skillfully arranged in a way that we’ll have to rethink the name ‘wild’ plants.

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