You can’t go to Japan without experiencing tea culture. Last Friday we escaped Kyoto and went off the grid toObubu Tea Farms.

This farm is located in  Wazuka, a rural area 50 minutes by train from Kyoto. We’ve tasted some marvellous teas and, a bit ‘tea drunk’ walked through the surreal landscape of tea bushes mixed with rice plantations.

Amidst very old and traditional farms Obubu is considered a very young farm, which started in 2004 by Akihiro Kita and Yasuharu Matsumoto. They call their farm a ‘agricultural social venture’ with a mission to spread tea culture around the world. They provide an international internship and host events to attract young people. Walking around in Wazuka made me understand why. Japan has an aging population and in rural areas the elderly prevail. Young initiatives like the Obubu tea farm will help to revive not only tea culture but the rural area

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